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Shooting Straight Radio Podcast


Welcome to 2nd Amendment University!! This podcast (formerly known as "Shooting Straight Radio Show" on WMMB and iHeartRADIO) is all about firearms, the 2nd Amendment, and all things pertaining thereto. It is hosted by Royce Bartlett, a firearms instructor with multiple certifications, including endorsement by the National Association of Chiefs of Police as a defensive pistol instructor. It has been said that he is saturated with gunshot residue, toxic masculinity, and a tantalizing whiff of the cologne of his people (Hoppe's #9) as he delivers his unexpurgated commentary with 100% felt recoil and no suppressor. As an Ultra-Type-A personality, he is exceedingly generous (and sometimes comically brutal) with his opinions and doesn't mince words. A staunch Constitutionalist, he calls out infringements when and where he sees them. Royce is often joined on the program by special guests like Dale Comstock (DELTA Force), John Rea (SEAL Team 6), Quentin Carter (a.k.a. "Q"), Gary O'Neal (American Warrior), Boon Benton (USMC, Benghazi warrior), Col. Danny McKnight (Black Hawk Down), Izzy Matos (USMC combat vet), Ash Hess (U.S. Army combat veteran and instructor extraordinaire), Massad Ayoob, Hank Hayes (Professor Emeritus of Badassology), Spike Cohen (, Erich Pratt and Luis Valdes of GOA, and many more. So tune in to 2nd Amendment University, also known as the Shooting Straight Radio Podcast, and share it around with your fellow Constitutionalists. Keep your head on a swivel, keep your gun loaded and on your person, and never forget that incoming rounds always have the right-of-way.